Kingdom Worship Basics


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Kingdom Worship Basics
Learn how to live a lifestyle of ascended worship!

NOTE: Kingdom Worship Basics will be moved to Gumroad by the end of December of 2023 so all materials will be downloadable as PDF's.

  • INSTRUCTOR: Del Hungerford
  • FEE: One-time fee of $200
  • ACCESS: Participants will be able to download the PDF files that include clickable links to all the sources. CLICK HERE to see when the course is available through Healing Frequencies Music. The expected "move" date from Kingdom Tribes is the end of December 2023. Until then, those who have already registered for the course have access on the Kingdom Tribes forum.

Course Description: :skype-smirk:

Kingdom Worship Basics is a 30-module self-paced course to prepare the general worshiper (musician, artist, flagger, dancer, and other movement specialists) for an "ascended lifestyle of worship." (Rev. 4:1) Everything we do is based on the "come up here" principle and doesn't necessarily follow the standard worship model. What's learned in the Frequency Basics class is then brought into Kingdom Worship Basics as a model of understanding how frequency affects worship.

Common Questions: :skype-wondering: :skype-surprised:

  • Who can take the class? Kingdom Worship Basics is for anyone who wants to understand worship on a deeper level. You do NOT need to be a musician to take the class!
  • When does the class start? It starts the moment you downlaod the files (by the end of December 2023).
  • When are the materials due? This is a self-paced course. Do the work when you have time.
  • Are there assignments? Yes! They are meant to help you practice. You do NOT need to turn them in. You're encouraged to do the assignment for one lesson before moving onto another. Do them as you have time. Only share your experiences with the class as you wish.
  • How long do I have to complete the course? Forever since you have permanent access.
  • Will I ever have to pay more? No. Materials are continually added. That only changes the price for NEW registrants. Pay once and you get to see all the upcoming changes!
  • Do you offer help if needed? We are planning live sessions where the group can engage together and ask questions. Fees for this are TBA and as information is available, this description will change. Sessions are done via Zoom conference calling. You may also sign up for private mentoring at $75 for a one-hour session.
  • How do I sign up for the LIVE sessions? When that information is available, it will be posted here. You may also join a private Facebook group where we have group discussions, you can ask questions, and people can share materials much easier than on the forum. The link to that group is posted in the first thread within the forum of the class.
  • How do I download the class files? Everything for the class is on the forum. There is no downloading of the files - only saving the video links. You may copy/paste the written materials into a Microsoft Word file (or another word processor) if you so wish.
  • May I share the materials with others? You may share ONLY the public videos.
  • Is it possible to get a refund if I end up not getting to the class right away? There are NO refunds. Why? Because you have instant access to the course the moment you pay. I have no way of knowing if you go in, save/copy all the information and then request a refund.

Lessons - 40 total::skype-heart::skype-clapping:

Worship Basics - Understanding a new style of worship
  1. It's All About Relationship with YHVH
  2. The Act of Worship
  3. Check the Ego at the Door
  4. The Frequency of Love
  5. Communion
  6. Worship on Our Mountain
  7. Planting Success in Our Garden
  8. Flowing Through the Gateways
  9. Working With and Purifying Musical Rhizomes
  10. Framing Desire and Intent in Worship
  11. Entrainment and Entanglement in Worship
  12. Breath as a Frequency
  13. Fundamental Frequency of YHVH
  14. Musical Harmonics in Worship
  15. Music Theory Basics: Keys and Enharmonics
  16. Music Theory Basics: Chords and Progressions
  17. A=432 vs A=440 vs A=444
  18. Why is F# So Special?
  19. Sound, Motion, and Shape as Frequency
  20. Frequencies of Hebrew Letters in Worship
  21. Releasing Specific Frequencies
  22. Visual Arts
  23. All About Rhythm
  24. Movement, Dance and Flagging
  25. Frequency in Lyrics and Vocal Music
  26. Instrumental Music
  27. Unity in Worship
  28. Healing Through Worship
  29. Worship as Warfare
  30. A Time of Hiddenness
  31. Lessons 1 - 7, 12, 15, and 26 from the new Frequency Basics course.

Self-Paced Progam: :oldskool-dance2:
  • Participants have permanent access to the materials. This allows for you to see any changes and additions over time. As updated materials become available, I'll go into the appropriate lesson and make changes.
  • There are assignments and practice materials that you can do on your own. If you want to work with others, join the Q&A group.

REMINDER - There are NO REFUNDS once you register for the course! Be sure you understand what's involved prior to registering! If you have any questions or reservations, please ask prior to registering. Scroll to the bottom of the forum and use the "Contact Us" tab to send Del a message with your questions.
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Helpful Resources:

For those who decide to take this journey with me, here are a few reading and listening recommendations. Consider purchasing these materials if you're not quite sure how the "come up here principle" works.
  • Get Ian Clayton's teaching "I Can See." CLICK HERE to access his website. Then, enter that title in the search bar. The teaching should come up.
  • Get my book, "Accessing the Kingdom Realms." This is part of my journey as I learned how to exercise my spiritual eyes. You can purchase it from two different sources: 1) Healing Frequencies Music Shop page (CLICK HERE), or 2) Amazon (CLICK HERE)
  • I wrote a book with Seneca Schurbon and Alice Briggs that's meant for the purpose of gathering up your spiritual inheritance. There's great information in that book, too. You can purchase it from two different sources: Healing Frequencies Music shop page (CLICK HERE), or 2) Amazon (CLICK HERE).
  • Purchase Ian Clayton's book, "Gateways of the Three-Fold Nature of Man." We go through some of that book in session 8.
  • If you'd like mentoring in a group setting where you get some feedback with others on this journey, consider paying $14.95 per month to be a part of the Ultimate Impact group with Gil and Adena Hodges. CLICK HERE to sign up.

To understand what this is about, here's a YouTube video that may answer your questions about what I called the "come up here" principle. If this doesn't yet make sense to you, I'll provide resources in the class to help you on this journey. Be prepared to purchase some outside teachings by many on this journey as you go through this process. They are optional but will greatly help with understanding of the principle behind my process. Robbie Venter does an amazing job of asking questions that we've all thought. Ian Clayton, Marios Ellinas, Nancy Coen, and Dr. O. all provide answers that not only make sense but are scriptural. For those who need chapter and verse, this should calm any fears you have about moving into this.

If you have any questions about the class, feel free to send me a message through your inbox (upper right hand corner next to your name). Enjoy this introductory video to living the ascended lifestyle.

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