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Kingdom Worship Basics

Discussion in 'Class and Mentorship Descriptions' started by Del, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. Del

    Del Administrator Staff Member

    Kingdom Worship Basics
    Learn how to live a lifestyle of ascended worship!

    INSTRUCTOR: Del Hungerford, D.M.A.
    FEE: $599 via PayPal. If you need a payment plan, set that up through PayPal

    NOTE: This course will be available in January of 2020!

    Course Description:

    Kingdom Worship Basics is a 22-module self-paced course to prepare the general worshiper (musician, artist, flagger, dancer, and other movement specialists) for an "ascended lifestyle of worship" (Rev. 4:1). Modules include: what is ascended worship?, music theory basics, musicianship basics, and frequency basics. You do NOT need to read music or be a musician to sign up for the course. Class participants may also join 9 live video sessions throughout the year for Q&A where we also do group activations. What's an activation? We "ascend" corporately to worship. Yes, this can be done through video conferencing! It's a very powerful unity tool that helps class participants practice seeing in the spirit during worship.

    Course Requirements:
    • An account with Zoom Video Conferencing. Download the FREE app onto a computer, tablet, or phone. CLICK HERE for that link.
    • The ability to complete the course within two years.

    Course Overview:
    • Basics of frequency and how that relates to Kingdom worship. You do NOT need to register for the Frequency Basics class since that information is also a part of this class.
    • Understanding how a "frequency of worship" works in all of the arts: painting, drawing, movement, dance, flagging, music, and even drama.
    • Special emphasis on some music basics. Even a non-music/non-musician reader can benefit from this course because it lays a foundation of how frequency connects with sacred geometry, Fibonacci series, the Hebrew letters and gematria, and many things in nature.
    • Musicianship basics. This is about taking the many forms of worship and fine tuning the craft. Musicianship not only relates to music but how something is read or performed. In lay terms, we call that "doing it with feeling." It takes the "head knowledge" and turns it into "heart knowledge."
    Course Upgrade:
    • For those who want private mentoring, there's an upgrade where participants receive 12 private consultations. However, those must all be completed within the two years.
    • It is recommended that participants schedule a private video consultation every two lessons.
    • Cost: $1,499
    • Individual mentoring sessions are also available for a fee of $100 per session.
    Self-Paced Progam:
    • Participants have TWO YEARS to complete the work. Take as long as needed within those two years!
    • For the entire two years, participants have access to the live video sessions - 16 total sessions. Those dates are announced in the class forum. All recordings are put directly into the forum for viewing should you miss a call.
    • Participants will have homework! Assignments will be in Q&A format with some essay pieces. Assignments aren't graded but everyone receives comments.
    Where to Find Course Materials:
    • Once the upgrade has gone through, you should have instant access to the course materials.
    • Go to the main page of the forum.
    • Scroll down to where it says "Art and Music Classes."
    • Click here... "Kingdom Worship Basics."
    • Everything you need for the class is in this forum.
    • Feel free to comment on teachings and interact with other class participants. The forum is also a place to share your own findings.
    • Homework is sent via the "inbox" directly to Del as a file upload.

    About Del:

    Del is currently a professor in music. She teaches music education courses and private clarinet lessons. In the past, she's taught music theory and survey of music. For 16 years, she taught in the public schools as an elementary music specialist and middle school band director. Her expertise in education focuses on the many required (and necessary) steps so that bad habits aren't developed in the learning process. She holds three degrees in music - B.M. from the University of Idaho, M.M. from Yale University, and a D.M.A. from the University of Washington.
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019

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