Frequency Basics


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Frequency Basics
Learn how the frequency of sound, color, energy, intention, and more.... has an effect on everything you do and see!

NOTE: Frequency Basics has moved to a different platform where everything is now downloadable. If you're already registered for the class and want the PDF files directly from Gumroad (where I store all my files), go to the class in this forum where you can find both the PDF's and a link to download them from Gumroad should you prefer to do that.
If you have NOT yet registered for the course, go to the SHOP page on the Healing Frequencies Music website. There is no longer a method of signing up for the course on the Kingdom Tribes forum.
  • INSTRUCTOR: Del Hungerford
  • FEE: One-time fee of $125.
  • ENROLL: Available as PDF downloads from Healing Frequencies Music
  • WHEN: Self-paced. Go through the course as you have time!
  • COURSE ACCESS: Through the downloadable PDF files.

Frequency Basics is a self-paced 30-module course for the purpose of assisting you on your own journey into wholeness through the wonderful world of frequencies. Learn how these creative tools and methods were placed in nature for us to use in a protocol of healing – spirit, soul, and body. Each lesson includes a video teaching, links, basic information, and articles. At the end of every lesson, there’s an experiment, further research, or “pondering” meant to be thought provoking and to engage your senses. After all, how can you really learn something unless you have a practice opportunity?

List of Class Topics for the PDF Version (November 2023): :woot: :D
  1. Frequency Made Simple
  2. Concert Pitch vs Temperament and Why You Should Care
  3. Learning to Feel Sound
  4. Concert Pitch vs Temperament: Was There a Conspiracy with A=440?
  5. Reader's Digest Version of Music History
  6. The Natural Laws of Music
  7. Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies: They're Not What You've Been Told!
  8. Connecting Dots With Numbers
  9. Chromotherapy: Healing With Color
  10. Cymatics: Visualizing Sound
  11. Water Memory: Healing Through Water
  12. Thoughts and Intents Frame Our World
  13. Healing Cancer: Royal Raymond Rife
  14. Healing Powers of Music
  15. Entrainment and Entanglement
  16. Archaeoacoustics, Part 1: What the Ancients Knew
  17. Archaeoacoustics, Part 2: Sound in Stone
  18. Ed Leedskalnin and the Mystery of Coral Castle
  19. Are Crop Circles Created Using Sound?
  20. Cymatic Shapes in Rosslyn Chapel!?
  21. Healing Properties of the Great Pyramid of Giza
  22. Healing through the Musical Frequencies of Hebrew Letters
  23. Healing through Flower Essences, Music Essences, and Essential Oils
  24. Explaining Sacred Geometry
  25. Quantum Physics Made Easy
  26. Rhythm, Melody and Harmony: The Government of Music
  27. Is it Possible to Reprogram Our DNA?
  28. Consciousness is a Frequency
  29. The Frequencies of Creation Made Easy
  30. Connecting the Dots...
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