StudioNotes: Not sure where to put this, so here goes.

Lew Curtiss

I've been asked to begin sharing about the art I make. This is a forum with thread discussions on topics, and so I'm not sure if this kind of thing even belongs here. But I will post the link. This is to my arts website and in there is a section called StudioNotes.

StudioNotes is where I transparently share how and why Father and I make the art we do. It's written without much thought and with no planning. The posts are very spontaneous and document Father's and my process.

Last Summer we finished a year long comission for NW Ekklesia on the Angelic Sentinels. Right Now we're working into the MAGDELASeries. This will be a four-panel allegorical narrative of Mary's relationship with God through her healer and savior. The panels will be entitled, Healed, Anointed, Crucified, and, Risen.


May Beloved engage, encourage, enlarge and bless your creative work in Him,
Lew ~