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This forum is for general questions for any of the instructors, coaches, or admins. To specifically address that person, go to their "forum" in the Q&A section. Add your question in a new conversation box and then "tag" them by putting an @ sign in front of their user name. Make sure there is NO space between the @ sign and their name.

Q&A Guidelines:
  • Keep it respectful! No derogatory speech, swearing, attacks against people or their beliefs. All those comments will be deleted which could get you banned from the site.
  • Spammers will be deleted and then reported.
  • There are places for self-promotion. The Q&A section is NOT the place for that. If you really feel the need to promote what you're doing, send a message to me via the inbox and ask where it's best to put that.
  • It's OK to disagree. Simply agree to disagree.
  • We are NOT here to have doctrinal discussions! There's enough doctrine bashing going around between different religious groups. We ask that you leave those conversations outside this forum. Why? In many cases, doctrinal disagreements end in arguments. This forum is NOT a place to argue. This then takes us back to point #1 (above).
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With those guidelines, we look forward to your questions!

General questions for anyone may go below.