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Discussion in 'Inner Healing Ethics Class' started by Alice, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Alice

    Alice Member Coach

    If you are prone to picking up other people's "stuff" I HIGHLY recommend taking Seneca's Yarrow Shield Flower Essence It will help you sort out what is yours and what is theirs and not confuse the two.

    Another essence I find very helpful is Open Ears. It helps with some extra clarity to be able to hear what I need to when I'm working with someone.

    Direct links are in blue to the essences, or you can go to her main site to learn more: Freedom-Flowers

    f you find yourself getting triggered and need some help and don't have anyone locally, I am available for sessions via Skype. You can contact me here or through my website for more details. www.emotionalandspiritualhealing.com

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