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Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms

Discussion in 'Class and Mentorship Descriptions' started by Del, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. Del

    Del Administrator Staff Member

    These sessions cover the basics of learning how to function in the Kingdom realms. It all starts with practicing, what’s involved, how to practice by being consistent, where and how to find time, and then doing it! Audio downloads include some guided exercises with music from Healing Frequencies Music to do on your own! We walk you through the process of finding time throughout your day to go into the presence of God. It’s all about “practicing” being in His presence and spending time there. We go on some adventures together to be with Jesus, visit a garden, see and participate in worship in the throne room, and check out the strategy room in heaven. This group meets three weeks per month with regular scheduled vacations (Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring break, and summer) via Zoom chats. The mentor is Del Hungerford.

    The fee is $30 per month. Click ENROLL HERE to register.

    Once you've registered, begin a conversation with Del by following these instructions:
    • Hover above the word "inbox" or click on it.
    • A drop down menu should appear.
    • Click on "start a new conversation" and a new message box will open up
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  2. Del

    Del Administrator Staff Member

    Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms is all about practicing. And, when you're done, there's always more practice! It's learning the kingdom lifestyle and how to bring that into your everyday life, even when you're super busy. It's a matter of changing thought patterns and learning new ones so that being kingdom minded is infused through our entire being - body, soul, and spirit.

    "Mentoring sessions" are conducted three times per month on Thursdays at 7:00 PM (PST) via Zoom conference calling for one hour. If there are enough east coast participants, we could move it up an hour or so as needed. We interact with one another, ask questions, and go into the kingdom realms as a group. For those who miss a week, the Zoom calls are uploaded into the forum for you to view later.

    Sessions focus on:
    • Your imagination and focusing on how to use it for kingdom purposes.
    • Understanding the art of practicing as it relates to living in the kingdom realms.
    • Finding time(s) within your day and "trigger" points that will help propel you into kingdom living.
    • Beginning to understand your identity in Christ (as needed). If this is something that's a struggle, I recommend you take one of Alice Arlene's classes in conjunction with this mentorship. Understanding your identity in Christ is a huge factor in the ability to see and function in the kingdom realms.
    • Lots of question and answer times!
    • Group engagement! What's cool is when you go into the kingdom realms as a group, you can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch for each other. It's a great way to confirm what you're experiencing is real and isn't the pizza you ate the night before. :skype-clapping: 
    • The best part about any of the mentoring sessions in NW Ekklesia is the ability to engage with others who are on the same path that you are. There's no doing it alone in these sessions because you have others to go with you, encourage you, and to share your experiences with.
    • There will be assignments for you to engage in the kingdom realms during the week. How much you progress depends on how much time you're willing to put in during the week, between the Zoom meetings.

    Course materials will be taken from my "Supernatural Lessons" website:
    Although there are 8 total lessons in the "Learning to Live in the Kingdom Realms" series, because you will be participating as a group, lessons 5 - 8 are only necessary for those working alone. Other materials can be purchased from www.supernaturallessons.com should you be interested in the other lessons. They are listed under the "products" page.

    NOTE: I have music in lessons 4 - 7 that's NOT on any of my albums. It's for you to have instrumental music with no talking over it as you engage on your own. It's all about practice!

    Suggested reading and listening:
    If you have questions about the mentoring sessions, course materials, suggested reading or any general questions, put those below. Or, use your inbox to send Del a private message.
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  3. Del

    Del Administrator Staff Member

    Here is a session from November 9, 2017. We generally record the discussion bits but do NOT record the actual exercise. On this night, we went to the strategy room in heaven following this video. If you're interested in a guided tour of the strategy room (to help you with seeing in the spirit if you need that)... CLICK HERE for downloadable teachings/exercises through Supernatural Lessons.

    This session is all about taking practicing to the next level. As we mature in the things of the spirit, we take all those puzzle pieces and begin to put them together so our lifestyle changes. In the video, I liken it to a two-year-old exploring everything around him and sometimes getting into trouble. At some point, that child grows up and becomes more responsible in taking care of what's put before him/her.

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