Kingdom Basics for Newbies

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  1. Del

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    Kingdom Basics for Newbies is an introduction to the Kingdom Realms and a basic explanation of the terminology we use in Kingdom living. Some of the topics will be: Heart Garden, River of Life, Mountains, Gates, Angels, etc. Each mentoring session is a short teaching slide presentation on a subject usually with an activation, followed by a discussion period. There will be one session offered: Tues at 6 pm (Pacific time) depending on participants. There are 12 sessions in all..

    There's a monthly fee of $15.00. Click ENROLL HERE to register for this mentoring session.

    Now, once you've actually upgraded your account for the "Kingdom Basics for Newbies," go to your inbox (next to your name). Then follow these instructions to send Jean a message saying you've signed up for her mentoring session:
    • Hover above the word "inbox" or click on it.
    • A drop down menu should appear.
    • Click on "start a new conversation" and a new message box will open up
    • In the space "participants," start typing Jean Wiley. Her picture will show up so all you have to do is click on that picture. Her name will magically appear in the recipient box
    • Give the conversation a clever, but relevant, title :D 
    • Type your message to Jean in the main message box.
    • Finally, scroll a little further down and click on "start a conversation." Don't worry about the other stuff.

    Questions? :oldskool-help: 

    Post below...
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  2. Jean Wiley

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    One person in my current mentoring group said "there is so much information on the internet to listen and read that I don't know where to begin." Many people are hearing from God and have pieces of the whole. We don't have all of the answers. I am here to give you some basic information and resources that I have found helpful on my journey as a Son of God. (and I am still in process :skype-giggle: ) You will often hear me say "take away only what resonates with you and leave the rest." The journey belongs to you and how deep and intimate you want to be with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    The first session will be Spirit Basics and will be mostly exercises and activations to help your spirit awaken and begin to listen. Future sessions will include (not necessarily in this order):
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  3. Anna Wingate

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    I would like to give Jean an endorsement. Of those who identify themselves with NW Ekklesia, Jean is probably the best person for activation and experience with the places and the activities of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you don't know what those are, I encourage you to join and participate in Kingdom Basics for Newbies.
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  4. Nadia

    Nadia New Member

    Jean is an awesome mentor I have grown in leaps in and bounds by being in her kingdom basics class
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  5. Cheryl Landis

    Cheryl Landis New Member

    I just registered to join the Wednesday class! I am very excited about this!
  6. Jean Wiley

    Jean Wiley Member Coach

    I am beginning a new Kingdom Basics for Newbies on Tues, Feb 6th at 6 pm. The mentoring is 3 months, 12 sessions, and will be $15 per month. Some of the topics covered include:
    • Spirit Basics
    • River of Life
    • Heart Garden
    • Tabernacle
    • Mobile Court
    • Courts of Heaven
    • Gates
    The sessions include a slide presentation of the topic, an activation and then participant sharing and question period. Only the slide presentation and activation are recorded and uploaded.

    Please send me a conversation request to join the mentoring session in Jan and I will give you the new ID#.
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