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Discussion in 'Healing Tribe' started by Alice, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Alice

    Alice Administrator Coach

    Hi there! Welcome! Please let us know who you are, and what you're interested in as far as inner healing goes. Some of us will be practitioners, so if you have a question we'll do our best to answer. There also additional depth in the classes available as upgrades on the site.
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  2. Alice

    Alice Administrator Coach

    I'm an inner healing practitioner, trained in SOZO and Splankna - you can find out more about me and what I do by clicking on the "Unpacking your emotional and spiritual baggage" link in green below. I'm happy to answer questions, if I know the answer - if I don't, I'll tell you that too! I teach 2 classes on inner healing on this site: Generational Healing and As Your Soul Prospers.
  3. Robert

    Robert New Member

    Hi Alice, my name is Robert and I feel this would be the very best step in the direction I want to go with Lord Jesus. I feel in order to attain my goal which is seeing in the spirit, I must unpack my emotional and spiritual baggage. Could you help me?
  4. Alice

    Alice Administrator Coach

    Hi Robert!


    I have several ways to help you unpack your emotional and spiritual baggage... If you have particular questions, feel free to start a new thread in this group. I, and any others who have insight for you can answer those questions. If you would like to have a one on one Skype session with me, information is on my website at the green link below my messages here. My Prosperous Soul class may be helpful for you to uncover lies and vows that you may believe which block you in all sorts of areas. You can find information on that class at this link.

    I found, personally, that inner healing was the way to unlock my ability to see in the spirit. I had several lies and vows and some work on my identity that needed to be done.

  5. Rhoda Collins

    Rhoda Collins Member

    Do you know who is teaching on healing?
  6. Alice

    Alice Administrator Coach

    I am teaching the classes on Generational Healing and Prosperous Soul. Diane Moyer is teaching the class on Fragments. I believe there are a couple of other classes that are in process and will be posted when ready by other teachers as well.
  7. Rhoda Collins

    Rhoda Collins Member

    Hi Alice do you also pray for people for physical healing? If you do please pray for healing for my skin issues. thanks
  8. Alice

    Alice Administrator Coach

    I will pray for your healing: body, soul, and spirit!

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