Fragments and Advanced Training

Diane Moyer


Learn information about ministering to fragments.

Topics include Dimensions and the Spirit Realm; Soul Realm; Soul Ties; Five Spiritual and Soul Senses; How Fragments are Formed; How Fragments Manifest in our Lives; Different Types of Fragments; Symptoms of Fragments; How to Minister to Fragments; Stuck (Alien Human Spirits), When Authority Doesn’t Work; How a Stuck Spirit Accesses Us; Signs of a Stuck Spirit; Stolen Authority; Womb Trauma; and What Not to Say to Your Client!

Most of the course will be by video with threads discussing each topic. If desired, class members can meet separately and practice what is being taught on each other.

Fee is $50. Click ENROLL HERE to register.

Admin Edit: Diane has passed away, class is still accessible although the live sessions will not be happening.
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