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Dream Ventures Authoring and Self Publishing

Discussion in 'Class and Mentorship Descriptions' started by Seneca, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. Seneca

    Seneca Dream Ventures Staff Member Coach

    This class takes you from idea conception through your first week of completed book promotion. It's structured so that you can work through the assignments while you're in the process of writing, or if you've already written a book, you can immediately move into the publishing and marketing process.

    It's less about teaching and more of a "what to do when" guide.

    It might go without saying, but if you are going to self-publish, that means you are taking on the role of a traditional publisher. You are responsible for the cover art, the editing, the formatting and the marketing. You probably can’t/shouldn’t do all that yourself. We'll take it step by step and I'll explain what you need when. To do this well, please begin to budget for some professional help. I'll explain all your options and tradeoffs when we get there.

    This class is orientated towards non-fiction, although much of it applies to fiction as well.

    What’s covered:

    • Fleshing out your idea and putting together a basic structure so you can write it quickly.
    • Choosing your titles, subtitles and considering keywords.
    • Crafting a well written introduction that sells your book.
    • What you need for bios (yes, more than one) and a back cover blurb.
    • How to set up your “front matter,” and the legal stuff.
    • How to get a great cover.
    • Doing some basic self-editing
    • Why you need to hire an editor and where to find one
    • Formatting
    • Developing a marketing plan
    • Prelaunch and the ins and outs of setting your book up on Amazon
    • Launching!

    This class is free with enrollment in the regular Dream Ventures Business Class or 49.95 by itself.


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