Co-Creation: Partnering with God in the Arts


Coming soon!

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. You are part of a growing group of people who wish to express the heart of the Father in new and diverse ways. No matter your gift, there is room for it here. Come in, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and have a seat!

This class is meant to challenge you and your beliefs about who God is and how He wants to relate to you. It is not a religious class - I’m not going to be setting forth a bunch of rules to follow or rulers to know if you’ve “succeeded” or not. This class is designed to help you grow in a relationship with the Creator, so that you can co-create with Him.

I firmly believe that when something is created: a song, a dance, a painting, a sculpture, furniture, and even food; that the spirit within the person creating it influences the creation. I believe that the creation carries a part of the creator. As artists of all genres, and believers in the Lord, we can co-create with The Creator. When we do so, we become a conduit and not just a part of us, but a part of Him goes with what we’ve created.

Details coming soon....