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As you will notice, there are several "tribes" of kingdom minded people who use this forum. Everything is done through user upgrades. In order to participate in Dream Ventures, NW Ekklesia Mentoring Sessions, or with any of Alice Arlene's classes, you'll need an account upgrade. If you have a tribe that would like to join us, contact Del via your inbox (next to your name). There will be a fee (based on your needs) to set everything up for you.

Here, we introduce you to the offerings of NW Ekklesia. Questions? :skype-nerd: Post below...
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NW (Northwest) Ekklesia

What's cool about NW Ekklesia is that we do most of our conversing through ZOOM conference calling. It's like Skype but works a bit better. Plus, you have some additional amazing features! You can live anywhere in the world and still participate. The mentoring sessions are live where everyone participates while developing a sense of community.

To learn more about who NW Ekklesia is, please visit our website: Our mission statement and other pertinent information is provided for your reading pleasure on the website.

Before you join any mentoring session, you'll need to download Zoom onto your computer and/or your phone. I believe most phones (including iPhones) have the Zoom app. Meetings are regularly scheduled where notices are sent out via e-mail, and also posted in the specific mentoring session (here on the forum) for easy access.

Only once you have used the "account upgrade" to join a group will you be able to see the content in that forum. Weekly instructions, videos, links, etc. will be be posted within each mentoring session.

How do you sign up? :oldskool-grin: Follow these simple instructions:
  • Register for an account... it's free. Nothing further can be done until you do this.
  • After you register, click account upgrade(s) to see your list of choices
  • First... choose the upgrade called "Forum Participation Administrative Fee" and pay that one-time $5 fee. This allows you to participate in NW Ekklesia Hanging Out discussions.
  • Then, choose the mentoring session(s) you'd like to join.
  • Make payment(s) through PayPal by clicking on "enroll" or "purchase" within the various upgrades.
  • NOTE: You do NOT have to be registered in a mentoring session to be a part of NW Ekklesia. The "Forum Participant Administrative Fee" upgrades your account so you can actively participate in what we do outside the mentoring groups (Creation Sound, group discussions, etc.)
  • Kingdom Basics for Newbies and Advanced Kingdom Basics are a one-time fee of $7.50
  • All other sessions are $30 per month. As long as your upgrade is active, you'll have access to the session(s) you've signed up for.
Signed up for a mentoring session? Start a conversation with the mentor: :skype-inlove:
  • Hover above the word "inbox" next to your name in the upper right hand corner. Or, click on it.
  • Find the words "start new conversation."
  • Click on that.
  • Enter a title
  • Where it says "participants," type in the mentor's name. Her/His picture may show up below and if it does, simply click on that and his/her name will magically appear in the participant space.
  • In the message box, state you just registered for the mentoring session and request to be sent information on connecting in Zoom.
  • Let the conversation begin by clicking on "start conversation" below the message box.
  • You'll need to have Zoom downloaded onto your computer and/or have the Zoom app on your phone.
There's an added bonus for the sessions that are $30 per month through NW Ekklesia Online! Every Saturday, at 10:00 AM (PST), there's a time to fellowship via a Zoom conference call with mentors as the moderators. These calls are considered part of each mentorship even when the groups themselves may be taking vacations. As long as your account upgrade remains active, you'll have access to the Saturday calls.

If you have any questions, please use your inbox to message Anna Wingate, Sue Beckman, Del, and/or Jean Wiley.

Welcome to NW Ekklesia! :oldskool-welcome:
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